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Market exchange of time

We’re all born with time, not all of us are born with money.

For any entrepreneur, there are two key factors to startup – time and money. For the majority of people, money is scarce but everyone has time. However, not everyone’s time is the same- some are more skilled in software programming, others in marketing, or legal or finance, or fundraising. If people can exchange time, they can essentially trade different comparative advantages and skills to help each other grow, and ultimately increase overall productivity.  In contexts where there is no money to start a business or non-profit, the ability to trade time in exchange for other services, could unlock enormous untapped economic opportunities as well as philanthropic activities.

The Time Exchange White Paper articulates an economic framework for how time could be exchanged on the blockchain with market mechanisms.

Following the White Paper, there will be a)infrastructure develpment and b)POC pilot  program with women to facilitate people, entrepreneurs, communities to give time to help each other, while simultaneously finding the help they need to further their goals. Of particular interest, is whether exchanging time, would be a mechanism that could further the economic empowerment of women.

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